Our story:

It's Wednesday March 23rd,
snow has been falling lightly since midnight in Estes Park, our flight around the world to visit our son Ethan is scheduled for 6:25pm out of Denver International Airport. Ethan is on a year long Rotary Youth Exchange trip and we haven't seen him since last summer- we've been waiting months for this trip. The snow continues all day in Estes, but not the wild blizzard that is being reported around Denver. We decide to set out early enough for the airport to make it safely, everyone knows that the highways in the mountains are always maintained very well. They are only wet in many spots, but things get worse in Longmont as we head East then South toward the heart of the storm. Beginning in Lyons, we notice a lot of stores and fuel stations are closed. We find food and fuel in Longmont as we check the status of our international flight at each stop, and it's 'on time' - and still many hours away. I always tell my wife that I'd rather be 'a half hour early than 5 minutes late' to the airport- today I was planning on being a couple of hours early just to play it safe. With this storm predicted to be ending in the afternoon or evening, we thought there was a good chance that we'd actually leave if we were in position when it was time to board. Somewhere along our trip the airport was closed, and there was no estimated time to reopen, but the news stations reported that there were still some flights scheduled to depart, and ours still said 'On Time' we kept moving closer to the airport. My strategy to arrive early paid off, and despite Mother Nature's best efforts, we exited E470 to 96th Avenue in plenty of time to catch our flight.

The cop called it a 'Zombie Apocalypse' as he pointed with his thumb over his shoulder when he stopped us while he walked East on 96th from Tower Road, checking abandoned vehicles- cars with the flashers on and empty mostly. He said we'd never get through and told us to back up without turning around- so in reverse we returned to the bridge at E470 and parked on just wet pavement to wait some of the storm out and watch the sparse traffic pass below us. Flashing lights of emergency vehicles on the horizon in four directions, it felt like we were in an oasis without snow on the ground around us, listening to the storm damage unfolding and checking in with our airline as instructed. It was delayed four hours, then finally cancelled, so we headed toward the Embassy Suites nearby via a patchwork route that wasn't blocked with vehicles. It was a bit unreal to see what this storm had wrought, and dicey navigating along ice ruts that defined the new route along Tower Road Southbound. We made it to the hotel and found a full house, but, they found us a room. We spent the next four hours on the phone working on re-booking, thinking that we'd be inserted on a flight the following day. Not so lucky, the next morning we came to grips with delaying our trip 3 days until the next available flight. Fortunately, we got the blizzard special room rate, and only paid $300 (with tax) for our room. Wait! $300?? That was approximately $150 more than I've ever paid for a hotel room- but it was done. We'd already used the towels, changed the channels, slept in the beds and watched the traffic pass by on Pena Boulevard for hours- so we had very little negotiating room. We headed for home feeling beaten- probably like the astronauts feel when a launch is scrubbed. On the way home we joked about all of the superlatives that we'd heard used on the AM station over the last 24 hours. Mandy Connel at KOA Radio has some real 'humdingers' that she shared, I mean, they just kept falling out of her mouth and we were quite entertained since our trip started during her Wednesday shift, and ended during her Thursday shift.

Driving up the 36 canyon West of Lyons we thought SNOWPOCALYPSE 2016 was the most fitting name, and decided to try and sell enough of a little commemorative sticker already designed in my head to help offset the cost of the unexpected hotel bill.

Arriving in Estes Park, all communication via phone and internet had been down since the middle of the storm, which caused damage to the sole fiber optic line into town- so marketing this project might not be so easy... Not being able to call into Estes Park for a day, then being in Estes Park and not being connected with the rest of the world was really the icing on this cake- a La: SNOWPOCALYPSE, and we decided we had to do the sticker. So....

Pay for one, and we'll send 2 stickers, including a big one that would look nice on your locker, vehicle window, business door or notebook- and the free smaller one for your Nalgene bottle or other carry along to proclaim your victory over the 2016 Colorado Blizzard.

The big one is about 3.25 x 6.75" and the small one is smaller.

Thank you for your interest!

Jan 2017: We've updated the offer, and you can personalize your SNOWPOCALYPSE sticker: Order Below today.

One of our daughters shows off the first ever printed 'Snowpocalypse' sticker, in front of the iconic Estes Park landmark store The Taffy Shop, located at 121 West Elkhorn Ave in downtown Estes Park
The smaller sticker fits anywhere. It just gets cooler looking with time! Be the first to have one and order today :-)