Stick & Sell    Adhesive FOR SALE Signs

Stick & Sell easily applies to glass or smooth metal surfaces and will stay there without peeling, fading or cracking until you decide to remove it.  Easily applies over molding and small irregularities.

Printed on professional grade 3M automotive vinyl, designed for permanent adhesion after 6 months temporary use ( you can peel 3 stickers off in less than 60 seconds without leaving any residue- it's Easy! ).

Engineered for exterior vehicle use
Write on with permanent marker
Clean, easy removal when SOLD


Stick & Sell is a remarkably easy way to advertise your vehicle FOR SALE with
a vibrant, easy to read sign on the outside of your vehicle.

Tinted Windows? No Problem!          Want a Custom Look? No Problem!

Some sellers tape cheap For Sale signs to the window of the car to save a few dollars, and tell the potential buyer that THEY ARE CHEAPSKATES! Is that how they take care of their car?

Don't risk scaring away potential buyers by using homemade, or taped-on signs.

For the cost of lunch, you could sell your vehicle IN ONE DAY.


 Stick & Sell kit only $20
Includes 3 signs: (2) 10.5 x 15.25" & (1) 7.25 x 7.5"

Add $4 for USPS shipping in the US

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Please call about personalizing Stick & Sell, for multiple dealer orders for resale accounts.

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