Artwork Submission Guidelines

DIGITAL ARTWORK: We’re able to import many file formats, but are most successful with the following vector files: Adobe Illustrator (.ai version 6.0 or earlier), Corel Draw (.cdr version 8.0 or earlier). If you cannot supply one of these files, contact us to discuss alternatives.

Raster images can be converted to a vector file in our shop if supplied at 600 dpi, full size, 1 bit (black & white),.tif format.

Raster images can be used for digital image printing when supplied at 150 dpi at full size, .tif format.

With any digital file, include a viewable image (.jpg), or paper print with correct colors or PMS specifications for comparison with the final artwork.

Please e-mail digital artwork to:, or provide on a PC formatted CD or floppy disk.

PRINTED ARTWORK: We can accept PMT’s or laser printed artwork if printed on quality white paper, without halftones, to fill an 8.5 x 11” sheet. Artwork containing halftones should be provided digitally, or can be reproduced in our shop.  InkJet printers and faxes generally do not provide a clean enough image for our use. All printed artwork will be evaluated before use.


ARTWORK CREATION: It may be more efficient to create original artwork or recreate your artwork in our shop. We create all of our artwork as vector images, which is universally accepted as the cleanest format for sign creation, as well as most printing processes.


We reserve the right to reject any artwork deemed unsuitable.