Magnetic Signs
Magnetic signs are designed to be used for temporary sign needs; when you need one sign for different vehicles or when you want to ‘shed the business image’ and go undercover. Whatever the use, magnetic signs are a great way for you to put your idea and name out for the world to see. However, there are a few things that you must do to keep your sign in the best condition and make it last for years to come.

Before you apply the sign, make sure the application surface is completely clean. Using soapy water to wash the surface is recommended, then completely drying with a clean towel. Now, do the same to the back (application surface) of the magnetic sign. 

To apply the sign, start by putting one edge down, along a level reference point (usually the best reference is the bottom of a door or other trim that is level with the ground- not the top of the door or window). Gently lay the rest of the sign down- smoothing it as you go. Our magnetic sheeting is magnetized throughout, versus in ‘bands’, therefore when it is flat should not have any ‘bubbles’ under the surface. If you must reposition the sign after it’s down- DO NOT SCOOT IT- remove it completely and start over. Never move the sign when affixed to the metal, this may damage the paint on the vehicle and degrade the magnetic surface.        

·        Once the sign is applied, we recommend removing it weekly to dry the moisture and clean the grit that will accumulate. Failure to keep the sign and surface beneath it clean may result in paint degradation and sign failure…

·        When storing your magnetic sign, do so with it laying flat with vinyl text and graphics facing up. For short periods of time it may be rolled with the vinyl facing out. If the magnetic sheet develops a 'memory'- stays rolled up- lay it flat in a warm room for several hours to regain its original composure.