Tuff ID Stickers

Like a small insurance policy for every piece of your gear

It was originally your Mothers idea: Put your name on your stuff.

...the problem has always been finding the right material to reliably mark your grown up toys - with enough contact information to get it back.

Our solution: We thermal print your IDentity on high performance vinyl (that laughs at the electrical tape you've been using). Then, we add a durable clear layer for the ultimate abrasion resistance. Not a printed coating, or spray protection- it's an additional layer of vinyl and pure protection- just try to scratch it off.

Our Tuff ID Stickers wrap onto themselves and create a super bond. You could use the sticker by itself with pretty good adhesion to most surfaces... but when you wrap it on itself, it's secure. Even works around climbing ropes, wood handles, etc.

Measures approximately .4 x 3"

Contact us for custom color runs or special requests.